Sunday, October 31, 2010

Swan Watch XII: Another Wet Weekend

The wet weather continues down this way. In fact it has poured on and off all weekend. Not to be deterred Deb and I went for drives on both days. Although I have to say with all the rain and mud there was no hiking this weekend.

On Saturday we headed up the Yarra valley. I had to pause near Yarra Glen to catch these piccies as the storm clouds swallowed up the distant mountains.Today we headed out again this time down to Port Phillip Bay.For a brief moment we had a glimpse of blue sky. But the muddy colour of the water is a direct result of all the runoff flowing into the bay with the continued rain.We attempted to go for a short walk but just a little way down the coast the sky got so dark again we beat a hasty retreat back in the direction of the car.
I was amazed by just how black the sea was below the clouds.

No wonder with all this rain local rivers like the Plenty River are threatening to break their banks.Now to the Swans.
On our way home we paused briefly to catch a couple of photos. And I mean a couple, it was raining again and my camera is simply not waterproof. When I have a spare $2500 I’ll buy a new one :-)
As you can see from these hastily snapped shots Mother and baby are still well.

Baby is starting to look a bit more handsome again as its scrappy down is covered by a fresh coat of feathers. He/She won’t get that glossy adult black until after a couple more moults.

Now a final word about Veiled in Shadows, thank you all for your kind words. Also thank you for those of you who have offered to review it for me.

For those of you who missed Friday’s post my book is available on Amazon and you can read an extract here .

I am thinking of posting additional extracts over coming weeks, what do you think?


Piedmont Writer said...

Looks like you're in the middle of a monsoon! You're much braver than I.

I thought there were two cygnets with this mother. I know there were 4 with another, but I thought with this one there were two. Or am I imagining it again?

And not to rain on your parade with your book out and all, but, isn't there some kind of "rule" that says you can only put 10% of your book online, otherwise... I don't know, the publishing police come after you or something. Or is that BEFORE you're published?

I'd love to see more of Veiled in Shadows but I don't want you to get in trouble if you decide to put it up.

Old Kitty said...

WOW!!!!! Those are some clouds - they look fat and angry!! Best to make a hasty retreat home methinks!!

I hope the rivers stay put and not burst and if they do that they don't cause damage to people and houses!! Take care now!!

Awww the swan and swanling baby are looking so lovely!! I'm so glad to see them!! Awwww!

Posting extracts is always a good thing!!! Good luck!!

Take care

Christine said...

Now I'm torn. I'm sorry that your weekend has been wet, but then those sea and cloudscapes are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them.

Pleased to see Family Swan again.

Short passages from your book online might hook more people and stimulate interest. A good idea, I think.

Indigo said...

Gorgeous pictures of the storm clouds. I felt like I was there with you watching the storm roll in. Love the updates on the swans. (Hugs)Indigo

Theres just life said...

I love rain days from a dry place that is. Your pictures show the different faces of Mother Nature. Glad to see the remaining young one is doing good.
I can't wait to read your book.

Myrna Foster said...

I love rainy pictures.

Al said...

Hi Anne,
We are most definitely not tropical this far south. But we have had years of drought and in Oz drought usually ends in flood. It’s just how our climate usually works, and we’re in a flood period.
There were two cygnets, but unfortunately as I posted in Swan Watch X one of the babies was injured and taken away by the wildlife people we haven’t heard anything since :-(
I’m self publishing and it’s my copyright, so I guess I hold all the rights, but I’ll check into that just in case I cause myself a problem. Thanks for the vote of confidence in any case :- )

Hi Kitty,
Yes those clouds looked pretty wild.
Fortunately most of the Melbourne area is not too badly at risk, fairly good planning, especially in newer areas.
It is nice to see mum and baby doing well!

Hi Christine,
The wet is nice too, and as you say the opportunities for photography is good. The only slight issue was not being able to walk.
Thanks for the feedback on the extract.

Hi Indigo,
Those clouds were amazing weren’t they? I’m glad you were there, in spirit at least.
I am pleased when I can catch up with the swans and keep people abreast of progress.

Hi Pamela Jo,
Even though we have such a wet winter and spring it is still wonderful to see good rain after so many dry years. Even now Melbourne’s water storages are only just creeping up to 50%.
It is a relief to see baby doing so well.
Hopefully not too much longer on Veiled in Shadows, Amazon claim it will be with you on the 3rd of November.

Hi Myrna,
I love the rain and wet weather piccies too. Pleased you enjoyed them!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Al, the pics are amazing! Thanks for sharing your day...

Wendy R said...

You take stunning pics Al. Every one an inspiration. And those dear black swans. Thank you.

Like the blog page featuring the book,

Marguerite said...

Really great shots, considering all of the rain. It rained here today for the first time in a month! Would love to see more excerpts! I loved the last one! Cheers!