Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Merimbula day 2

Well the internet here is still dodgy at best. To get any reception I have to sit under a shelter outside in the cold to get wi-fi reception.

Yes, yes, I know that to those in the Northern Hemisphere our winter does not seem all that cold. In truth we have been having absolutely glorious weather down here on the NSW south coast (until this morning). It has been sunny every day with very little wind, temperatures up to about 16 or 17°C during the day. Way nicer than a typical dreary, wet Melbourne winter.

But it is still coat weather in the mornings and in the evenings. In fact as an ex-Queenslander I think it is pretty cold whenever it’s below about 20°C.

Thanks to my current internet woes I will have to keep my Uncle Harry-esque tourist guide to the minimum. (Sorry Uncle Harry).

So on day two of our holiday we headed south to the relatively sleepy port of Eden. Eden is a most beautiful patch of the coast. It is about six to seven hours drive from either Melbourne or Sydney and because the south coast is seen as ‘cold’ it has really avoided the tourist boom that has (in my opinion) ruined the north coast of NSW and south coast of Queensland.

Eden sits on the large Twofold Bay. This beach lies in the outer part of the bay (I guess that would be the outer ‘fold’).

Far across on the south side of the bay stands Ben Boyd’s folly. I posted about the tower last year. It was built in the early settlement period as part of the whaling industry.This piccie is from my post last year.
The town of Eden largely stands on a rugged promontory that extends far out into the bay.The original port of Eden sits in ‘Snug Cove’. The cove is sheltered from the worst weather by the headland.

A small fishing fleet calls the port home.A large tug serves as a reminder that the bay holds a modern port away on the south side. Down on the south side of the bay is a large woodchip processing plant, and the tug is used to manoeuvre bulk carriers into their berths.

I would post more about what we’ve been doing for the past couple of days, but I’ve had enough of the cold so good night!


Old Kitty said...

I love that Eden is living up to its name!! It's really stunning! The coastline is very very beautiful and worth getting cold for!

I feel quite windswept just looking at these pics - lovely, lovely!

Take care

Culture Served Raw said...

Sounds like you're having a pretty great time Al. Magnificent pictures, the tower is beautiful - calm and imposing. Thanks again for sharing

Christine said...

Beautiful skies, Al. I'm glad that the weather is being kind (if a little chilly). Hope you enjoy the remainder of your trip.

Ann said...

I love the photos of the sea. They just draw me in. Hope you are having a great holiday. If the photos are anything to go by you most certainly are!!

16-17C winter temps. What joy!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore your pictures. Somehow they never get me feeling chilly though. I have to do a mental slap reminding myself that you're experiencing winter! Stay warm and thanks so much for sharing such wonderful shots. :)

Theresa Milstein said...

With it in the 90s for five days this week, I could use some cooler weather!

Hope your Internet is better soon.

The water looks beautiful in each picture.

arlee bird said...

It's always nice to hear about places I may never see. Here in L.A. the weather has been right in the perfect realm.

Tossing It Out

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
Eden is one of my favourite places, and I mean in the world.
It is stunning It was breezy, but certainly no gale when I was snapping those piccies.

Hi Valerie,
I had a great time.
You’re in Sydney aren’t you? I would recommend the NSW far south coast if you ever get the chance.
Boyd’s tower is great, totally out of place in one way but also now part of the locality.

Hi Christine,
We were well and truly spoilt, in our whole week a few spots of rain and cloudy skies for a few hours only.

Hi Ann,
The sea is great isn’t it?
I did have a great time.
16 -17 really spoilt me! Back to Melbourne and – 3 overnight which is freeeezing for here ( but not too bad where you live)

Hi Kimberly,
I am happy to share. Even though it was winter the weather was pretty mild. But Oz is closer to the equator than your part of the world.

Hi Theresa,
Maybe we could swap. The 90’s sound great to me right now…
The internet on holiday was next to useless, it’s great now I’m home.

Hi Lee,
I guess the weather at Eden/Merimbula was pretty nearly as close to perfect as it gets in winter.
Who knows you might get down this way some day.

Michele Emrath said...

Beautiful. Get warm!

Southern City Mysteries

Michele Emrath said...

Oh- I wasn't blogging much when you posted the book cover to 'Veiled in Shadows,' but I wanted to tell you I love it! Great cover! Congrats!

Southern City Mysteries

Charmaine Clancy said...

A few years ago I saw Eden had the best HSC results for the State, I wonder how the kids managed to study with those beautiful beaches at their doorstop!
Great pics :-)

Hart Johnson said...

Looks like an absolutely gorgeous vacation spot to me, internet access or not! And I envy a winter that doesn't go into negative digits!

Al said...

Hi Michele,
I did (get warm that is).
I am happy you liked the cover, always a relief when someone with an eye approves! Thank you!

Hi Charmaine,
I did my HSC (way back in the stone age) at a coastal school, because teachers wanted to be there we had a bunch of very good experienced teachers. Plus I guess the kids must be pretty relaxed…

Hi Hart,
It is gorgeous. Beautiful and unspoiled what more can anyone ask for? And hey the internet issues meant I spent more time holidaying and less time in front of a screen.
Winters are pretty mild in most of Oz, but of course they feel cold compared to our summers!

Lisa said...

What a perfect name for the town!

Logan said...

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