Friday, July 23, 2010

And the Winner is…

I can’t believe it is a whole week since I last posted.
As usually seems to happen (all too often) the week has flown by.

I feel terribly negligent that I have barely been around the blogosphere this week, that I have failed to comment or respond to comments.

Most of all I have failed to announce a winner for my piccie giveaway!

I had intended to leave it till Tuesday our time anyway, because with international time zones the way they are I didn’t want anyone to miss out.

We are 18 hours ahead of the American West Coast and a full 20 ahead of Hawaii (For us Pearl Harbour and our war against Japan began on December 8, 1941).

But I am rambling, it is not Tuesday it is Friday. I have left this far too long as it is.

So with out further ado…

Drum roll please…

The winner is...

Christine of Inwardlydigesting!

Congratulations Christine!

Christine took advantage of the fact that I gave two extra entries in the draw to anyone who posted about my giveway and it seems to have paid off handsomely.

So according to the rules of the competition Christine can choose any three of my piccies from this blog. Once She has chosen I will organise 8” by 10” prints the piccies and despatch them by airmail.

Now comes the hard part for Christine, she has to trawl through my archives and choose.

I wonder which piccies you would choose?

Perhaps a piccie of odd little Soldier Crabs from one of my first posts?

A fiery sunset?
A rugged seascape?
The surreal mix of snow and a fire blackened landscape?
A mix of old and new?
Something grandiose?
The beautiful
The cute
Or perhaps restful?
Or just as likely three others picked from hundreds more...


Sharon K. Mayhew said...
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Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Congratulations to Christine! What a lucky lady...

I love the sunset photo. I have a sunset photo of a scene from my boat over "our" lake.

Great pics, Al!

Al said...

Hi Sharon,
I think that sunset is one of my favourite piccies. But there are too many that I really like.
Is your sunset piccie on your blog?
I should just go and look shouldn't I?

Christine said...

I can't believe it! Thank you, thank you! Actually, I'll rub my eyes and check again that this is real - I'm not long out of bed!

Old Kitty said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Christine!! Look at all the fab pics she can choose from - how brilliant for her!! Yay!!!!!

This was a fun giveaway - thank you!!

Take care

Piedmont Writer said...

Congrats Christine. I have to say I'm incredibly jealous. Al, you must have another contest soon. LOL.

Jayne said...

Yeay - well done Christine, but oh how I wanted to win! Great contest, Al. Another?! :)

Amanda Borenstadt said...

Congratulations, Christine. :)
What great pics! :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats Christine! :)

Theres just life said...

Congratulations Christine now the real hard part.
What to chose...decisions...decisions.

Al said...

Hi Christine,
It’s fair dinkum. Rub your eyes, but don’t pinch yourself, that hurts.

Hi Jennifer,
I agree, it was fun.
I’ll have to do another one down the track.

Hi Anne,
Sorry, but it had to be someone :-(
Running another before too long sounds like a great idea.

Hi Jayne,
The call for another comp certainly seems to be getting stronger. :-)

Hi Amanda,
Thank you!

Hi Jemi,
Hear, hear!

Hi Pamela Jo,
Indeed, it is the hard part. Decisions…