Monday, June 21, 2010


Well I have had a hectic day at work again. The reality (unfortunately) is that services for homeless people get busier in tough economic times.

Overall Oz has fared well in the difficult times that have raged around the world. But things haven’t exactly been rosy, and Victoria is the state that has fared the worst. Which means with unemployment increasing, homelessness has increased.

But enough doom and gloom for one night.

I want to thank everybody who has commented for their feedback on the two versions of my blurb. What you guys have provided is invaluable.

Thank you.

Well now for some fun with some piccies!

I want to share some piccies I took the weekend after my trip to Beechworth.

They were taken at a place called Snob’s Creek. The creek rolls down from the highlands near Eildon about two hours drive from home.

The piccies I am sharing were all taken on my camera, but the credits for these piccies have to be shared between me and Lu, my youngest.

To get to the falls you have to climb down a couple of sets of stairs. Lu paused to turn and take this piccie back up the path.I took a similar one also aiming to capture the roots of this smallish Mountain Ash as they grow over the boulders of the slope. The path parallels the creek as it tumbles down a series of small cascades towards the falls.
At this one I set up the camera to take some long exposure shots in the dark under the forest canopy.The blurred figure in the fore ground is me. Once I set the camera I went around the front to look up into the tree branches.
Lu started clicking away to try and capture me. But of course the exposure was far too long for portraits so I was just a blur.

Another shot from the same position.A third zooming in on the lower cascade.
A fourth looking at the upper cascade.Lu took the camera as we continued down. She paused to take this shot looking down at a small rotting stump.Then, budding photographer that she is, she took another after removing the bottle cap. Can you see she has inadvertently caught her toes at the bottom of both shots :-).

After a bit of a struggle I prised the camera from her hands to shoot this rather attractive boulder in the middle of the stream.Finally, I took a pile of piccies at the bottom of the falls.
And me being me, stuffed nearly all of them. I didn’t notice I still had the ISO set for the dark of the forest so nearly all of the piccies in the relatively bright conditions at the bottom were hopelessly over exposed.

This is the only one that is worth sharing.
But in an effort to be an optimist I am going to take this as a good thing.
Because I stuffed so many exposures, I have the perfect excuse to head back (in the not too distant future) to get some more.

Not that I really need an excuse.


Old Kitty said...

I think that blurred shot of you is amazing. I had to double take - you're this phantom presence on some really wild wild scenery - the waterfalls just sparkle!!!

And glad to see your Lu taking after her photographer dad and making the pics she took her own too! :-)

I can only imagine how it is at work dealing with those who are homeless and in dire situations because of the economic downturn. I'm just glad they are not left alone to fend for themselves.

Take care

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about the increased number of homeless people in Victoria. Years ago I volunteered for a housing aid charity and since then have never taken my home for granted. On cold winter nights I often think of the people who will be bedding down on cardboard cartons in doorways.

But, as you say, enough of this gloom. There is beautiful countryside to enjoy and you capture it and share with us. Thank you!

Ann said...

I thought you had captured a ghost! Great photos as usual. Such beautiful scenery. Your daughter has a real eye too. Like father, like daughter.

Jemi Fraser said...

Lu definitely has 'the eye'! Great photos :)

DJ Kirkby said...

I love those shots of running water, I can almost hear it. The ones of the cascades are my favourites.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit late, but I think your new blurb is perfect. Love it! :o) Just wanted to add my two cents worth hehe

Al said...

Hi Jennifer.
The “phantom Al’, I like it. I really enjoy the fact that sometimes “stuffed” photos can have an interest all of their own.
Lu has fun with the camera, yet every Xmas or Birthday she knocks back the suggestion of her own camera.
The frustrating thing for me with the homeless, is that no matter what we do more is needed. Still I take great comfort from the fact that I do what I can.

Hi Christine,
I well understand what you mean about not taking your home for granted. Most of us are so lucky.
I am only too happy to share my patch of the world, so you are welcome.

Hi Ann,
No, not a ghost (I’m not nearly that scary).
It is a great spot. Lu is certainly thinking about what to shoot, so she is making some nice pics :-).

Hi Jemi,
In think she has! Thank you!

Hi DJ,
I love moving water , to capture it’s essence in a piccie feels like a real achievement. I agree the cascade shots work.

Hi Niki,
With a comment like that you can never be too late really :-)
Thank you!

Amanda said...

Oh, that is too bad about the hard times in Victoria. It is felt everywhere here as well. Actually, we are going to be moving again...sheesh. I am waiting to announce on my blog until my husband gets the hiring letter but in hard times we have to go where the job is.

BTW, what a great name, Snob. That made me chuckle. I wonder what the history behind that name is? I was looking at your photos and noticed that it reminds me a lot of my time at Cumberland Falls in Kentucky. Beautiful photos, your daughter is becoming quite the photographer :)

Al said...

Hi Amanda,
Oz has been pretty good in comparison to the US. Of course working at the coal face we see the down side of conditions.
Yuk moving again that's awful :-(

The story I heard is that "snob" is an old English name for a shoemaker. I haven't taken the time to find out if that is true or not.
Lu certainly is having a great time snapping away.