Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Grey Day

Well all good things must come to an end.
Unfortunately our holiday fitted into that category.

On our last morning the early cloud didn’t burn off as it had on every other morning. Through the morning the weather alternated between windy and grey and windy, grey and wet.

We elected to meander along The Great Ocean Road in the direction of home.

We have travelled this piece of road on a number of occasions. The scenery is so spectacular we just can’t seem to get enough of it.

In spite of coming along here before we managed to find spots we hadn’t caught before.

Like this spectacular cove at the end of a little track, and from the same point turning about 90 degrees to the right.The sea was of course reflecting the sky and instead of deep blue it was grey and green.

At one point along the cliffs I found these fellows: Long Beaked Corellas, an Oz cockatoo.
These guys are normally associated more with the dry inland than the coast. They usually nest in hollow trees. I would have guessed they were looking for possible nesting hollows along the cliffs, except they don’t begin nesting until mid-winter (July down this end of the world).

A little further on was this feature, called strangely enough “The Arch”

Near Loch Ard Gorge the sun briefly poked out from between the clouds.

We elected not to stop at the famous “Twelve Apostles, because we have seen them before and with the holiday they were simply unpleasantly crowded.

Just to the East of the Apostles are “Gibson’s Steps”.Deb waited at the top and snapped a few photos.
This is Deb’s isn’t the look of the sea a total contrast compared to just a few days before?
Then as she waited a slightly portly, amateur photographer with pretensions to publushing came into sight at the base of the cliff.
It was so cool I had pulled a woollen jumper over my T-shirt.

While I was going down the stairs and from the beach I captured these piccies of the cliffs.Then it was a matter of climbing back up the stairs to see if Deb had blown away.
Now that is it, my protracted description of our holiday has come to an end.

Next time: an odd word


KarenG said...

These photos are incredible! And yes it does look very grey!

Falen said...

i wish i was on vacation. Sad face.
Those pics of the ocean and cliffs are awesome

Jaydee Morgan said...

Absolutely love the pics of the cliffs from the beach - beautiful!

Not enough hours! said...

If you not having anything to say means we get to see such awesome photographs, I wish you always run out of things to say!!

~ Rayna

Caledonia Lass said...

Absolutely stunning pics! The Arch is just grand, thanks for sharing these!

Old Kitty said...

Ooops - just came to say hi and it's the end of your holidays!


Stunning pics and I do like the cockatoo pics - they look so tiny in all that vast rock!

Take care

Ann said...

What a beautiful stretch of beach. Oh to walk that and smell the salt air. Your photos have made me want to visit Australia even more than I did before I found your bog. My bank manager will not thank you!

Jenners said...

Wow! What lovely photos! So sorry your vacation had to come to an end ... sniff.

Lisa said...

Great piccies! I'll bet Deb had time to finish a sweater by the time you made it back up all of those steps!

Al said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you. It was a cold grey day, but it is so beautiful it was impossible to feel down.

Hi Sarah,
I agree, sad face.
I wish I was still on vacation.
They are awesome cliffs, it make taking good piccies easy.

Hi Jaydee,
Pleased you like them! It is a great spot.

Hi Rayna,
Thank you – I think. How about I ramble and post piccies?

Hi Mel,
I am only too happy to share.
The arch is impressive, there is so much to see along this coast and all of it spectacular.

Hi Kitty,
(sorry I don’t know your name yet)
Pleased you dropped by. I am also happy you like my piccies. I love birds and parrots are a particular favourite. The corellas are a good sized bird, but these guys were a long way off and they do look small in the landscape.
Take care!

Hi Ann,
It is a gorgeous stretch of sand. The waves and the wind (not to mention the cliffs) just seal the deal.
Dangerous thing this blogosphere. I hope the bank manager doesn’t get too upset with me.

Hi Jenners,
Thank you, I’m pleased you like them!
I am so sorry my vacation came to an end too!

Hi Lisa,
Piccies? Cats fan? We’ll be naming you an honorary Aussie soon!
Pleased you liked my piccies. Actually she was knitting a shawl :)

Roland D. Yeomans said...

Your photos are awesome. I could almost smell the faint breath of the sea, feel the mist from its waves. Thanks for the cyber-vacation.

I wish you luck in becoming published. I wish the same for myself, of course. Come visit my blog, WRITING IN THE CROSSHAIRS, why don't you? Roland

Niki said...

Great exercise going up and down those steps! The top pic of the rocks look like slices of cake. I'm trying to go on a diet *sigh* everything looks like cake!

Al said...

Hi Roland,
I am pleased you liked the piccies. You are most welcome.
Sure, I'm happy to look at your blog.

Hi Niki,
Steps surely are great exercise! I am not a big cake fan, chocolate on the other hand...
Good luck with the diet.

Talli Roland said...

Beautiful photos!

I see what you mean about the stairs, though. :)

Christine said...

Breathtaking photos and 'The Arch' reminds me so much of the Durdle Door in Dorset. Small world.

Al said...

Hi Talli,
I'm pleased you like them!
I was climbing stairs for about half a mile for piccies yesterday as well. Then I walked about five miles today for piccies. Yet somehow there is always more of me to go around :)

Hi Christine,
Welcome to my blog.
I've never been to Dorset, so I'll have to take your word.
At least the Dorset folk could come up with a better name than 'The Arch'.

Palindrome said...

Beautiful pictures as usual! :)