Thursday, March 25, 2010

Progress? And A Wild Sunset

I have been so busy recently that Veiled in Shadows continues to crawl to a final publishing date.

It is a case of so near but also, frustratingly, so far.
Anyway, realistically it is probably only weeks rather than months before I hold a bound copy in my hand.

One other thing I have been working on that is Veiled related has been the script for 90 a second film which I will use as a book trailer.

I know that the impact of Trailers as a marketing tool is debated, but I think Deb has hit on an idea, an idea that hopefully will generate some real interest.

I don’t want to say too much just at the moment but essentially this clip will dramatise one of the key dilemmas of a main character in a way that should be very catchy.

Deb hopefully has a line on a couple of people who can handle filming.
We have an actor who has agreed to do the part for a nominal fee (Quote “A couple of bottles of wine”).
I am tracking down a costume from a theatrical specialist at the moment.

A bit distracting in some ways, but realistically marketing will ultimately make the difference between success and …

Now for a little light relief.

As many of you will already know, I like taking the occasional photo of sunsets.

Tonight there was a spectacular show from our back deck.

So here are a quick few piccies.

A ball of fire sinking through a cloudy and a smoky sky to rest for the evening.
Painting the Western Sky as it went.


Rayna M. Iyer said...

I saw my first book trailer today (yes, I have been hiding under a stone for a very long time), and while it may or may not make me buy the book, it did make me aware of the existence of the book. And a bit of promotion never hurt, did it?

Elspeth Antonelli said...

Actors will always work for liquor. I was one for years - and probably still am on some level.

C. Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

I don't think a book trailer can HURT sales, but I'm still conflicted about how it it can actually help them. GO for it, Al-- you have nothing to lose!

Jenners said...

I don't think a book trailer could hurt anything ... just make sure your actors don't drink the wine BEFORE filming!

Al said...

Hi Rayna,
Hey it’s nice and cosy under that stone. I expect it can’t hurt and if it is interesting it may achieve something positive.

Hi Elspeth,
SO I know what to offer you as a bribe, should I ever need to! Amateur or professional or a mix?

Hi Christy,
I suppose a really bad unprofessional trailer could scare people away. I hope that if my idea comes off I can generate a but of interest on Utube, that’s the fantasy anyway.

Hi Jenners,
At least I know I can always rely on you for very useful advice!

Wendy R said...

You sound so on-task with your novel Al - so full of ideas about development and promotion (no doubt with your friend Deb on your shoulder)
Any or all of these things will get your book out there. The best thing though is getting that real book in your hand. Put me on your list to buy one when they are ready.
So many good wishes for your venture.

Girl with One Eye said...

Do a trailer! I love them. They get me really excited for the book to come out. I've even bought a random book or two just because the trailer was so good.

DJ Kirkby said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your book preview. Thise sunset photos are just gorgeous.

Al said...

Hi Girl with One Eye,
(I am going to have to find out your name)
I am intending to do the trailer. Hopefully it should be read not too long after I get the book out. So if It impresses you you'll buy the book :)

Hi DJ,
I hope it'll all come together in the not too distant future.

Lisa said...

I think that anything you can do to promote the book is a good idea. Lovely sunset piccies!

heidenkind said...

The sun looks otherworldly in those pictures! Very cool.

Good luck with veiled in shadows--can't see wait to see the trailer. :)

Al said...

Hi Lisa,
I think you're right there, unless of course I do something silly and turn people off.

Hi Tasha,
It does look alien doesn't it?
The band of smoke haze really fired it up.
Thank you, I'll let you know as soon as it's ready.