Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tumbling Down and a Maths (Math) Lesson.

A quick post tonight.
I have been staring at the computer screen for hours, working on the website I am designing for Veiled in Shadows. If I spend too much longer I am sure my eyes will go square.

Yesterday, Deb and I went for an early Valentine ’s Day lunch out at Warburton.
(In keeping with Aussie abbreviation rules, the locals call it “Warby”.)

After a thoroughly delightful meal we went for a wander along the main street. While Deb tried on a few clothes I took a few photos.
I am posting these few to show how near the mountains are to Warby. This first really gives a sense of how they loom almost over the main street.

And this one of a local Café (not the one we ate at) has Mt Donna Buang behind.
The treed slopes of the mountain belie just how much higher it is than the town.
Warby stands at 159 metres (521 feet) above sea level measured, as is traditional, at the post office just out of frame to the left. Mt Donna Buang is 1250 metres high (4101 feet).

Now that is not particularly high by international standards, but if you do the maths (mathematics is maths in Oz, not math) it is 1091 metres (3579 feet) higher than the main street.
Not bad for something that is (almost) literally in their back yards.

After our stroll, we climbed up the side of the mountain next to Donna Buang (not to the top but I think about half way).
On the way back down the slope I paused to take a piccie of a very energetic stream that tumbles down the mountainside, before falling across this little road.
The motion of the water has been captured by a very long exposure that I had to use to cope with the dim conditions under the trees.


DJ Kirkby said...

Warby reminds me of a place near where I grew up on Vancouver Island (Canada) called Gold River. That town was surrounded by mountains, it is lovely.

Rayna M. Iyer said...

What a beautiful place, and what lovely photographs too. Thanks, Al, for sharing a little bit of your paradise with us.

Falen said...

aww it looks so nice and warm. Not hot, just warm. I wish it was warm here instead of snowing. Again. Sigh.

Al said...

Hi DJ,
Interestingly there is a big old house in Warby called Banff. It was built long ago by a Canadian who said the mountains reminded him of the Canadian high country.
Gold River sounds great.

Hi Rayna,
It is a lovely spot. I am only too happy to share.

Hi Sarah,
It was a lovely warm day. As you say not hot, Feb can be hellishly hot here so mild weather is nice. From the news we have had down here you guys Uptop must be sick to the back teeth of snow.

Lisa said...

What beautiful pictures of the stream!

Al said...

Hi Lisa,
I was happy with them. Moving water is quite easy to get nice piccies. Some way of keeping the camera still and a long exposure, then the water does it for you.

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Beautiful! I love the shots with the mountains in the background. I so wish we had even some hills here, but we're all flat land around here.

Al said...

Hi Alyssa,
Thanks! I know what you mean, I have lived most of my life in or near mountains. Most of Oz, is as flat as a billiard table though and I find places like that quite oppressive after a few weeks.