Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I haven’t posted about my novel Veiled in Shadows and my self publishing plans since around Christmas.

The absence of news has really been due to… well to a lack of news.

Now though, I have some to share.
My formatting is complete, I am finally happy with the way the thing looks.

I have now been taking care of some of the formal measures I have to complete to become a publisher.

I received some news last night that I was going to share today.

This photo shows my excitement at receiving formal notification that the business name I have requested has been approved and registered.I am a publisher! At least I now have a business name registered in my name.
My little (or is that microscopic) enterprise is titled.

Drum roll please…

Xantharea Press.

What is a Xantharea when it is at home?
I have chosen to name my business for a family of Aussie native plants called Xanthorrhoea . Commonly known as grasstrees (or less politically correctly as “blackboys”) Xanthorrhoea are a typical Aussie bush species. They are as tough as old boots, they survive drought, or bushfire and live for thousands of years. After a fire they are often the first green you see coming back in the bush. Not a bad icon to take for a publishing venture especially given how tough the industry is these days.

I decided to modify the spelling from that of the Latin proper name because I hate the correct spelling and it reminds me of a medical condition.

As if I wasn’t happy enough with that when I got home this afternoon I found an email from Bowker’s Australian subsidiary confirming the registration of my ISBN.

This is starting to feel real. Very exciting, a bit scary too, but very exciting!

Enough for tonight as I have had a long day today and need to do a few things in preparation for another long day tomorrow.


hmsgofita said...

Congratulations, Al! That's amazing. I wish you continued success in your publishing enterprises! I can't wait to read your book!

Kathleen Jones said...

Congratulations Al! Can't wait to see it in print.

Falen said...

Congrats! How exciting!

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

YAY AL! I'm so happy for you. That's great news. Time to get a dedicated blog and a website just for your book. Yes, it really is necessary. Yes, I know you're too busy right now. But you still have to do it.

Kristen M. said...

Hooray! A publishing company and an ISBN are big news!

And yes, I DID click the Xanthorrhoea link ... fascinating. Although I was a bit confused for a moment when they mentioned that they flower toward the sun first ... to the NORTH! I really need to visit the Southern Hemisphere.

Lisa said...

Excellent news indeed!

image_of_purity said...

Congrats!myb i could find some of the book publish by ur company here someday..

Elspeth Antonelli said...

You've taken another step along an exciting road. Well done. I love your business name.

Jenners said...

How exciting!! That is super cool. Your joy just shines through. And I love the name you picked ... it sounds funky and cool and official!

Walk Talk Tours said...

Congratulations Al! And a very original choice of name too, which I'll never be able to spell.

Andrea said...

I wish you well on your journey!

chewbear said...

Congrats!! That is really exciting, so good work!

Al said...

Hi Heather,
Thank you so much. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer!

Hi Kathleen,
I Can’t wait either! That is for a proper bound book rather than a MS.

Hi Sarah,
Thanks! It is exciting.

Hi Christy,
I’m happy for me too! It is fantastic news, but as you say there is a lot ahead. In fact it seems at every stage the next one is bigger.
Thank you for playing the slave driver by the way. If you have to have a slave driver it is best to have a charming one!

Hi Kristen,
It is big news. Fantastically big.
Xanthorrhoea are fascinating, we are so lucky here. For every amazing, unique animal we have we probably have a dozen unique plants.
I have been to the Northern Hemisphere a number of times and the sun being to the SOUTH really throws my sense of direction. If you get a chance to come down go for it!

Hi Lisa,
as you said excellent news indeed! I’m Chuffed!

Hi Opoie,
Thanks mate! I hope one day you’ll be able to get a copy there.

Hi Elspeth,
Thank you! They seem to be such big steps.
Thankyou about the name, I think it works.

Hi Jen,
It is exciting, and super cool and grouse.
I am pretty chuffed it was a good moment!
Funky, Cool and Official, sounds like I’ve got it all covered. Thank you.

Hi Phil,
Thanks mate. Ah well, I’ll just have to get so famous that you can just do a search on my name then! :)

Hi Andrea,
Thanks for dropping by,
Thank you also for your wishes

Hi Chewbear,
Thank you! I am thrilled

Mary said...

What great news, Al! Once you have a business name and ISBN, there's no going back. It's scary and exciting all at once.

Al said...

Hi Mary,
No going back, indeed!
It is scary and thrilling, but then I guess all adventures are.
Thank you for your support.

Amanda said...

Congratulations! What a cool name for your Press! How exciting!

Al said...

Hi Again Amanda,
Thank you.
It is exciting, very much so.