Saturday, January 9, 2010


I have just been talking to my Brother in the UK and he has describing the Arctic conditions they are “enjoying” up there.

We have also been enjoying “terrible” weather 34°C (93°F) and glorious. Someone’s gotta do it!

To cool off we drove out to the Upper Yarra to have a play in the water.
We were still mucking around in the early evening.
In the dim light down in the shaded river valley someone, either Deb or one of the older girls got behind my camera.
The piccie shows Lu and I going down a slightly quicker part of the stream. Because of the low light, and because the camera was set for bright light earlier in the day the shutter speed has “auto” corrected to a very long exposure.
Here are the results, the camera makes it look as if we are rushing down a real rapid.
But perhaps I shouldn’t crow too much. The bureau is predicting 41°(106°F) by Monday. That is uncomfortably hot, and I’ll be back at work.


Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

We had a couple of 110-degree days here last Summer, and we had brown-outs as a result-- everyone was running their air conditioner and it blew out the power grid. Anything under 100 degrees and I'm okay, but 100+ and I'm really uncomfortable!

Lisa said...

We're going to have rushing water like that here this week when the temps get above freezing for the first time in a month and three feet of snow start melting! Looks like fun!

Jenners said...

So forgive my ignorance, but I'm guessing our "seasons" are flipflopped -- you have summer when "up nortH" has winter? And how cold does it get where you are?

Al said...

Hi Christy,
We had 47°C(117°F) last summer which was a record for Melbourne. Same deal, so many people have air-conditioners that we had brown outs and blackouts scattered across the city. Some suburbs were OK others went down for several days.
I'm about the same, although I can hack higher temperatures when the humidity is low.

Hi Lisa,
Yuck melting snow. Wet and muddy, no fun.

Hi Jenners,
The Southern Hemisphere has Summer when the North has winter. So our spring is your Autumn etc. Here in Melbourne temperatures occasionally get as low as -5°C(20°F)on a winter night. The posts I made about snow back in July and October featured high country 3000 feet and above. The mountain ranges get snow this far south. The higher ones have ski slopes etc.

Amanda said...

Oh rub it in!! Oh and it definitely looks like white water rafting. I'd just go with that story :)

Al said...

Hi Amanda,
Something like: "When I rafted along the..."
Definitely better than: it was hot and I had a paddle.

Anonymous said...

Some people like to bum their load have they got nothing better to do with their time?

Lindy Jamieson said...

I am still waiting on the over 110 deg I think that you are exagerating just a bit or just trying to show off and make people jealous.