Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road Trip (well sort of)

Most days of the week I drive from my home on the extreme fringes of Melbourne’s sprawl right into the city.

It takes me some time between 25 and 65 minutes, the wide range is all dependent on the traffic. On the whole, because I leave early it takes 35-40 minutes. On weekends, with hardly any other commuters on the road, it is around 25.

Where I live means that the first section of my commute is on what are essentially semi-rural roads.For much of the run I have a single lane each way with the sort of warning signs you might see anywhere in the world.

A school crossing.A sharp corner.

And in keeping with the rural theme a riding school.
Of course if you look around you’ll see plenty of evidence you are on an Aussie road.
A large, flourishing, River Red Gum.
One on its last legs.
Then though a stronger reminder.
We’re in fire danger season (fortunately with recent rain things probably might not be too bad here in Victoria for a few more weeks).

But then you come across a few signs that are unique.
Wildlife warning signs.
Wombats.And in case you haven’t yet got the message
Kangaroos and wombats.
And again!
As an aside I have yet to see a wombat on this road, but I have had to take evasive action to spare a kangaroo (and my car, from bitter experience I know Skippies leave big dents).

Anyway if you manage to avoid the pitfalls, our little road feeds into suburban arterial roads.Then a freeway.Before finally exiting onto city streets.
Then we get more signs warning of typically Melbourne hazards
Tram lines which mean
AndThe Safety Zones are designed to protect tram passengers as they climb off.
This sign also warns of another Melbourne curiosity, Hook-Turns, where cars turning right wait in the left lane. All in the name of keeping tram lines clear!

After all this I am only too happy to relax into a day of trying to help the homeless sort out their problems!


Lisa said...

Doesn't that mean that cars turning right and turning in front of the cars in the right lane?

Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA said...

The tree pictures are neat. That second one is actually more hopeful-- like the other half of the tree has dies, but it's symbiotic twin is struggling to survive on the right-- it would be a great cover for a book-- the left side, EVIL... the right, GOOD.

Jenners said...

This was a fun post ... I love the wombat and kangaroo signs!!! Though I have to say, that one "Slippery When Wet" sign is a bit out of control!!!

roffe said...

Hi..Thanks for the comments about the wolfs..
I drive 45 minuts from my home to my office..

Walk Talk Tours said...

Like Jenners, I love the wombat and kangaroo signs. I guess you just get used to the Hook-Turns.

Al said...

Hi Lisa,
It would except the cars turning right are meant to wait until the road is clear both ways.

Hi Christy,
Don't do that! Now I have all these other themes I'll have to look at writing about.

Hi Jenners,
I thought people might like the kanga and wombat signs. It occured to me one day on the way to work what might make my commute differnt to most of my readers. The slippery when wet sign is a bit over the top, but then I have seen a couple of cars come to grief in that corner in the wet.

Hi Roffe,
Thanks for commenting. Is your drive through countryside or urban?

Hi Phil,
Pleased you like them. What seems fairly mundane in your own patch can be interesting in a different context. I don't mind hook turns, but my other half hates them!