Monday, November 9, 2009

The Moving Saga Continues

Not a proper post at all this evening. I’ve been busy, our house move has run into a minor hurdle. We have decided to hire a truck and move our stuff ourselves. This is because we can save about $1000 on the best quote we got from professional removalists by doing it ourselves. This means a slight delay until I can get a mate to help with shifting the heavy items.

Anyway not wanting to be entirely idle I hired a ute and began moving our bookshelves and book cartons over the weekend.

The hire ute loaded to the gills with bookshelves and cartons.Next week, when my mate is available, I will hire a 3 tonne truck (lorry for my UK readers) and hopefully bring our moving saga to a quick and relatively pain free end.

In the mean time we have been packing the rest of our all too numerous possessions. I knew I should have listened to those arguments on not being too materialist.

Next: Remembering.


The Rainbow Bank said...

Good luck with the move mate and take care of those precious books!

Wendy R said...

Dear Al

I have been told by B that a move is not (ever) on the cards. Too many books, notebooks, papers...

But I envy you the energy of the changes you face. They will be inspiring.

Even so I don't think it is materialist hang on to things. We mark our lives, our emotions, our feelings with objects.

It may be therapeutic to discard them, but most of us are not St Francis. It's also comforting to keep certian things. They are markers, the furniture of our lives.

happy moving. Don't forget to write


Al said...

Hi Simon,
Thanks and I will.

Dear Wendy,
Thank you. St Francis I am not!

Lisa said...

Every time we move, I wonder why on earth we have so much stuff. Then I wonder what I would get rid of--not books, not memory books, not pictures, not family pieces, nothing in my kitchen...Oh, yeah--this is why we haven't moved in 13 years!