Saturday, July 25, 2009

Of Humble Pie

We have developed a strange obsession with going out into the wide blue yonder what ever the weather. Today for example it is another cold damp day and blowing a gale. What do the household do? Curl up in front of the fire with a good book? Sit and watch the latest DVD? Do anything warm and cosy?
No, not a bit of it. Instead we head off for a picnic.

But the plot thickens and humble pie is called for.
At the insistence of our eldest, we again headed for Mount Donna Buang, in a quest for snow.
Now anyone who has been following my blog during its brief existence, will remember that just under two weeks ago, I wrote very disparagingly about the snow cover up on old Donna.

If a picture is worth a thousand words

As you can see same place but now definitely not the same story.
Admittedly only about six inches cover at the moment, but definitely snow.

My eldest is still girding her loins in preparation for her “wet-pracs”. She says she is feeling a bit more able to face the idea. But the poor thing is still very apprehensive about being physically ill come the day. What is keeping her going is the long term goal.

Given the title of this blog I had better say a little about my literary endeavours.
Basically they can be summed up as: word count - 0.
Too many early starts and late finishes just lately.
Writing and the day job don’t necessarily go together.
Truth be told I am probably spending too much time looking at other peoples blogs as well. But a boy has to have some fun from time to time.

Then again writing or researching are fun, but I find I need much more energy, more focus to work on the book. If I write tired, more often than not I just junk that material when I reread.
So speaking of tired, I ran breakfast at work this morning (we try to provide a service 365 days a year) which means a 5:30 am start. So without further ado goodnight and talk to you next time.


Kathleen Jones said...

It always seems to me that books take their own time - a bit like pregnancy!! Maybe this one isn't ready to be written yet?
Love the photographs. Can't wait to get back to Australia - hopefully next April/May I'll be in Sydney or Perth.

Al said...

I should really have hit the sack but here I am still up, It's my brother's fault, he rang from Coventry (where he lives) and we had a long conversation.
I think you're right, books certainly take their own time!
This one is still speaking to me, but I am not only doing my own day job but also managing another whole program at the moment. My exhaustion level just seems to mean that I can't quite focus at the moment.
Having said that, the break might be good, a significant change to the plot popped into my head as I was drifting off last night. I have to think about it a bit more but it seems to be an improvement to my tired mind.
Thanks for the complement regarding the piccies. I love Oz, but then again I love Europe or the British countryside in summer too.