Thursday, July 16, 2009

More on Self Publishing

More browsing the net about self publishing. More thinking.

A couple of self publishers Neil Slade and Morris Rosenthal talk about using Lightning Source as a POD printer and selling through Amazon.

This is all looking very interesting in terms of reasonable quality and hopefully reasonably priced manufacture and distribution of a finished book.

All I would have to do is sort out; editing, layout, cover design, and marketing.

Actually, it really doesn’t seem too daunting except for the marketing bit.
I have already had the book copyedited and a full edit doesn’t look too terrifyingly expensive.

Of course I could edit myself.
Hah! That is laughable. Am I the only one who sees what I think is there rather than what is? At least when it comes to my own work, all I can see is what I think I have written, this makes self correcting almost impossible. As a side to this please forgive me for all the typos I no doubt have on this blog.

Cover design, do it myself? Start with a stock photo and build something in Photoshop? Maybe not, but I do know a few artists.

Marketing how on Earth do I do that? The Internet is obviously is the way to go, but how? I have done some press releases and a minute amount of development work seeking sponsorship for various charities I have worked for, but a full fledged marketing campaign?

An awful lot to think about.
My brain hurts.

Time for brain easing photos

This was taken July 2005, I wonder if anyone can guess where?

Doesn’t it look summery, just the thing for a cold winter day in Melbourne.

And just for a but of fun:
Does anyone have any idea of how this boat

Might have got to here?


Jemima said...

I bet that boat is there on dry land due to the drought. It is so green around the boat yet arid looking in the distant photo. I reckon that the boat used to be on some kind of body of water that no longer exists.

On the cover design front, I know you mentioned you know some artists, but if you find that you need another lead I can give you one. My brother there in Melbourne is just finishing up a graphic design degree at Australian Catholic Uni. He is not just very creative, but also has some great equipment - photographic and design wise.

Al said...

Of course an Aussie is going to pick it instantly! The boat was in a branch of Lake Eucumbene in the Snowy. With the drought the lake level has gone down over 40 metres (about 130 feet)!
In the background you can see the cemetery from Old Adaminaby a town that was covered by the lake and is now re-exposed