Friday, April 8, 2011

A Long Week and a Short Post

I had intended to post before tonight. But…

My computer has been down with a virus. Nothing I haven’t been able to deal with but with thousands upon thousands of large photo files on my hard drive scanning for problems takes for ever. It seems to be all fixed now. But it has taken what little posting/commenting time I would have had.

Also I have had a verrrrrry long week at work. I sooooo know why I am looking for another job.

My job hunting is still going on. As I said I had an interview earlier in the week.
I don’t think it was great, unlike the others I have had I did not come away with the feeling that I particularly impressed them.

I also have some mixed good/bad news on other jobs. If you have been following my job hunting you will remember I had an interview for a Public Service job back in March. I came away from that interview feeling I’d blitzed it then one of the panel phoned me the same afternoon and asked me to apply for another job.

Well I still haven’t heard about the other job. However, the head of the first interview panel phoned me yesterday and said they had unfortunately decided not to give me the first job.
But there was good news too, she said the person who they just gave it to ahead of me is a really experienced senior public servant and they felt she just edged me out. What she said was that they were very impressed with me, and while she couldn’t promise anything if something came up in her unit she would ask me to apply. She is a senior, very no-nonsense person and unless I have totally misread her she was very serious.
The fact that she chose to ring me, rather than the usual thanks but no thanks email also convinces me I came very close.

So we will see.
Now I am just home at 8:30pm so that is it for me for tonight.

I will try to do a proper post tomorrow, but failing that I’ll post the next extract featuring Valentina on Sunday.


Old Kitty said...

GOOD LUCK!! with your job hunting!!! Your perfect job is out there for you, don't you worry!! You are needed!!!! :-)

Take care

Jaydee Morgan said...

I'm also glad this long week is almost over. Sorry about the miss but keep your chin up!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

aww that stinks. But my sister had the same thing happen to her. And less than a year later, the job opened again and she applied again and they hired her immediately. She still works there, 6 years later

Ann said...

That is a very encouraging sign indeed. I wish you luck in your search. Fingers and toes crossed.

Have a wonderful doubt you will be on the move and have lovely photos again!

LTM said...

oh--((hug)). The job hunt can be so tiring. Sending lots of good vibes your way. Hang in there and try to get some rest~ <3

Al said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you and Thank you for you vote of confidence.

Hi Jaydee,
It is a bummer, but over all the job hunting seems to be going well.

Hi Sarah,
It does suck, but it is certainly positive too. I am hanging in there.

Hi Ann,
I am mostly encouraged by it.
Thank you!

Hi Leigh,
It is tiring. But at least there have been some positives in the mix too.

The Words Crafter said...

I have to agree, that's a very encouraging sign. Hopefully, something will open up for you very soon.

So, it's all the picture files that slows down scanning? I didn't ever consider that, but it sure explains a lot. I have bunches and bunches of photo files.....

Glad you got your virus taken care of :) Happy Weekend!

Al said...

Hi Words,
it is large files that slow the scanning and I have 1000s of 8MB
photo files

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