Thursday, May 27, 2010

Absent Without Leave

I am sorry to say this is (once again) a quick post.

Unfortunately, I have been a little unwell.

I hasten to add it is nothing serious.

I managed to split one of my teeth in two on the weekend. No high diving or anything dramatic involved, just a tooth that had been root-canalled about 12 months ago.
I hadn’t had a chance (or the money) to get it crowned. It must have been brittle and it split when I was eating some cheese and crackers.

Hmm, maybe crackers are better named than they should be.

Anyway this led to a marathon sitting in the dentist’s chair a few days ago as the dentist struggled to get the recalcitrant tooth out of my head.

Then to really make my week the wound decided to get infected.

So I have been suffering enough pain and discomfort to stop me thinking and hence writing (which includes blogging).

I have been absent without leave from the blogosphere for nearly a week.

I want to apologise for a few failings stemming from this:
I haven’t posted on my book news as because of the above my book has been on hold;
second, I have been neglecting my responses to all your wonderful comments on my blog, I feel really bad about this as I appreciate the time everyone takes;
finally, although I have been lurking around many of your blogs, I have barely commented at all.

So please accept my apologies, I hope to be back on deck in the next few days.

Until then a few piccies that I took last weekend.These are the Woolshed Falls near Beechworth in central Victoria. There hasn’t been much rain up there just recently, but there was just enough water going over the falls to make them worth pointing a camera at.


Ann said...

Hahaha...crackers. Sorry! Hope you are well recovered from all your tooth related woes!

Old Kitty said...

Oh no!!! Of all the things.. cheese and crackers!

Oh dear.

Well I hope the pain is easing off a bit. Does that mean you're now on er.. mushy food? Teeth are so delicate aren't they really!

Take care and rest and heal that tooth!

These are stunning pics - I love the last one - the waters don't seem real - they're just glazing over the rock - amazing!

Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm a martyr to my teeth, so you have all my sympathies, Al. Hope you feel better soon.

Jemi Fraser said...

That is not fun! Take care of yourself.

Gorgeous photos! :)

Hannah said...

Crackers!! LOL! Love it.

Take care of yourself! You're a trooper for even in pain, you're posting beautiful pictures. :)

Feel better!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

Aaargh Dental Pain!! The teeth! The money! The shots in the gums! It's absolutely the worst. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jaydee Morgan said...

"maybe crackers are better named than they should be" <== that made me laugh!

Sorry though to hear about your tooth battles. That's never fun. Lovely pictures though. Feel better soon :)

Sarah Ahiers said...

ugh that sounds horrible.
I hope you're better soon!

Myrna Foster said...

I'm sorry about your tooth and the infection. Thanks for sharing the pictures you took. I think the rock is as beautiful as the water.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh noes! Sounds horrible. Hope you're fully recovered soon. (I hate having to go to the dentist)

Al said...

Hi All,
Thank you for your understanding while I have been being a big baby.

Hi Ann,
Yes Crackers! I needed to laugh at how stupid it was.
I am on the mend.

Hi Jennifer,
I agree of all things! It’s not like I was cracking nots with my teeth or something.
Thank goodness the pain and infection are easing now.
Pleased you like the piccies.

Hi Christine,
I am sorry to hear you suffer from your teeth too. They can be such a trial.

Hi Jemi,
Thank you! Pleased you like my piccies.

Hi Hanna,
Yes crackers! Sometimes life is just too weird!
Thank you!

Hi Karen,
There is not much worse than dental pain . As you say the money just compounds the misery.
Thank you, I am feeling much better now.

Hi Jaydee,
I am pleased you laughed, I have been in need of a little humor.
Thank you!

Hi Sarah,
Thank you!

Hi Myrna,
Thank you! I agree, the colours and patterns in the water eaten stone are pretty special.

Hi DJ,
I am much better thank you!
I am terrified of the dentist, a real childhood based phobia.

JournoMich said...

Ohmygoodness...Feel better soon! And is there any way I can get some files of these 'piccies?' They are gorgeous! You are truly talented. I think you have my email...

Can't wait to hear that book news--better be the first thing you blog when you get back from being a sickie Aussie. Am I picking up the lingo? Probably not.

But feel better anyway!

Southern City Mysteries

Tgoette said...

Yikes! I had that happen to me and it was pure misery! Thank God for scotch! Hope you feel better soon, Al! Great pics!

Mary said...

I feel your pain, Al. Literally. A few months ago I cracked a tooth that had had a root canal. Not on crackers, though. I cracked it on a Valentine candy heart. Had to have to tooth removed. Thankfully, no infection, but I did have a scary few days where I was worried I had lost the protective scab. All healed up now and the healing process was much quicker than when I had the root canal. Here's hoping you have a speedy healing as well.

Kristen M. said...

I hope that you're 100% again soon! I've had a terrible cold this week -- when my husband asked how I was feeling on the first day, I said I felt like I had been punched in the face. It's no fun at all!

Beautiful water pics too ...

lupie said...

Feel better soon.

If you get some nagging or sensitive pain - gargle with super-strength salt solution. It works wonder.

I am a living testimony! Still putting off my root canal and crown until I have enough of you know what! :)

Talli Roland said...

Oh no! Feel better soon, Al! Teeth are tricksy things, aren't they. Take care of yourself!

Culture Served Raw said...

Fantastic waterfall shots! Hope you get better soon


Al said...

Hi Michele,
I am feeling much better now.
Tank you for praising my efforts.
I’ll email you about the files…
You could probably do with a few more lessons on the lingo…:-)

Hi Tgoette,
It is pure misery. Thank god for codeine!
Thank you!

Hi Mary,
I feel for you. Dental woes are just miserable, and loosing teeth just sucks.

Hi Kristen,
I’m much better thank you!
Poor you… not mush is worse than a bad cold especially if you get sinus pain.

Hi Lupie,
I am doing salt rinses, but thanks for the tip anyway.
The you know what is a peal drag, Dentists charge like wounded bulls.

Hi Talli,
Teeth are too tricksy. Thank you!

Hi Valerie,
Thank you!
Much better!

Lisa said...

Those piccies are spectacular!

I've had an infection from a pulled tooth and they are no fun at all! Hope all is well now!