Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Smoke and WIIW

Well it seems I am only managing a couple of posts a week at the moment...sigh.

Life and work have both been very busy.

At the moment we are existing in a cloud of smoke, thick enough that we lose sight of our mountain views.
The tail end of winter is burn-off season in Northern NSW.

Every year at this time farmers have traditionally burnt their paddocks (we pretty much call any parcel of fenced land a paddock in Oz. Be it 1/2 an acre or 10,000 acres).
The traditional reason is twofold
 - to encourage a flush of "green-pick" for livestock as spring arrives.
- and to reduce the danger of bush-fires in summer.

The practice had fallen off somewhat in recent decades, but following the 2009 Black Saturday Fires it has resurged with a vengeance.

Now my WIIW has nothing at all to do with the previous, so what on Earth do you think this might be.


Linda G. said...

It looks like the edge of cement, or maybe stone, steps to me.

mshatch said...

It looks like stairs with a shadow to me. It also has a Greek Island feel to it.