Friday, December 3, 2010

Swan Watch XV: Wet Down Under

The record-breaking drought seems to be a long distant memory. Melbourne (and Victoria) are getting weather more reminiscent of our tropical north rather than the Mediterranean-type climate we usually have. We are experiencing large thunderstorm systems passing through every day or two. The downpours on already sodden soils are causing localised flooding.

These couple of shots were taken at the nearby town of Whittlesea the other day. They show a park near the main street. The Plenty River has burst it’s banks and is spreading across the parkland.

Nearby, someone has spread bird-seed. It had attracted some local birds, neither of which I have shared with you before.
Crested pigeons.Aren’t the colours on their wings beautiful?When they fly their wings make a distinctive whistling sound.

And I snapped away and didn’t realise until after that these cockatoos weren’t the long-billed corellas I have shown you before. These guys are actually another species called little corellas.

On the subject of birds our baby swan is still well. Baby is still much shyer than when mother swan was around, which is good, it helps keep him/her safe. He/she is still growing and is getting closer to adult colouring.Just in case you missed my post of last night Kathleen Jones posted a wonderful review and interview on her blogs yesterday. Sorry to keep banging on, but I am excited (Kathleen's Blogs are well worth a look anyway).


Old Kitty said...

Wow - those are some floods!! Good grief!! Is this weather typical of this year for over there?

Awww but look at these amazing pigeons!! I thought they were jays but they're very exotic looking pigeons!! WOW!! And the Corellas are gorgeous!

Yay!! Baby swan is looking amazing!! I'm so glad he/she is doing ok!!! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics!

Take care

The Words Crafter said...

I'm so glad Baby Swan is still doing well; I thought him/her this week and couldn't wait till today to come see if you'd spotted him/her.

I'm glad you're getting rain, but I hate the storms. We went through the same thing a couple months ago...hope it all turns right soon!

Stay safe!

Vicki Rocho said...

I love coming to peek in on all the wildlife we don't have around here. That bird with the spiky feathers is my favorite so far!

Al said...

Punk hairstyle on a bird? They are pretty cute.