Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Words on Wednesday (and a Challenge)

Well I have started catching the train to work now. I used to drive, but I have changed my working hours from a very early start to normal business hours. So now it is quicker to commute by train.

It takes me an hour each way into the city and back. At the moment I am reading each way, but I hope to soon get a new laptop (I had one but the screen died) so I can work on my WIP. I don’t use laptops much so it hasn’t been a high priority till now.
The idea of gaining two hours each day to work on the book that follows Veiled in Shadows (working title Veiled in Storms) seems positively enticing.

Now for a piccie of one of the significant landmarks the train passes on the way into the city.
At 80 metres (262 feet) it towers over the houses in the surrounding suburb.
I wonder would anybody be game to give me an opinion? What is this towering structure?

Now to the title of my blog tonight I have had the urge to post another section of Veiled in Shadows, so if you’d like to read Chapter One (I posted the Prologue last week) click on the “Chapter One” tab above.

Hope you enjoy it!


Ann said...

Ohhh what a nice new look for your blog. Very Posh! Love it. I have no idea what the tower is for. My first thought was WOW what a huge silo. But of course my next thought was oh, Ann don't be so stupid. So I will refrain from comment.

Old Kitty said...

I wish I could be as disciplined as you!! I commute one hour each way too and I mostly spend it asleep (also been know to er.. snore!!!LOL)!!! So good for you to be able to stay awake!! Good luck with your laptop and writing!!

I think it's a brewery tower!!

And I'll so print out chapter 1 to read!!! Take care

Anonymous said...

It's great that your new commute by rail is going to give you extra time.

I'm puzzled by that tower as it is higher than a mill chimney. I think that Old Kitty might be correct in thinking it's a brewery.

Hart Johnson said...

I think the commute is a GREAT place to buy a little time to read or write. I would probably have a notebook myself, but laptop works too. As it is, I walk, which I can do with reading, but it is very challenging to WRITE and walk at the same time, so they most I've attempted is editing... If I have to write more than a few words, i have to physically stop, but it works fine for the basic clean up.

--Aside from being a giant phallus, I think that thing is a SMOKESTACK... and I think the real tall ones meant something had to burn very hot, so would go with industry of some sort (coal for power)--that is my guess, anyway)

Al said...

Hi Ann,
Thank you I was happy with the way the blog looks!
Well you are halfway there calling it a tower, but it isn’t a silo.

Hi Jennifer,
I would mis my station if I dared to sleep ;-)
As I said to Ann, tower is half right. Not a brewery tower though.
Enjoy that chapter.

Hi Christine,
I am managing to steal some of that time back for myself, so that is good.
A tower indeed but no part of a brewery.

Hi Hart,
I can’t imagine reading and walking at the same time! I’d break an ankle (or worse)
It looks at first glance like a smokestack, but if you look closer you will see it isn’t. But it certainly was industrial.

Carolyn V. said...

Okay, I'm guessing it's a grain holder thing (I can't remember the right name for it). Does it hold grain? It's just so tall!