Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heat and Cricket at Arthur's Creek

It has been quite hot here today 39 ° C (about 102 ° F) in the City and 41° (106°F) out here to the north.. So once I finished work I just came home and stayed indoors. 40 -41° are not uncommon summer temperatures here. We got as hot as 47° (117°F) last February, which was a record for Melbourne. The Bureau of Meteorology is saying we may top 50° (122°F) this coming February, If they are right I am not looking forward to it. It will cause a lot of people a lot of problems.

Melbourne City Council will be running emergency heatwave programs this year. I attended a briefing last Thursday because homeless people are one of the at risk groups in heatwaves.

Now to change the topic entirely (don’t I jump around a lot) I am going to return briefly to Arthur’s Creek. Phil at Walk Talk Tours asked a rather odd question after reading my post on the Cemetery there and I quote “Are you related to the former England wicketkeeper, Robert Charles 'Jack' Russell?”

My answer to Phil was “I'm probably not related to Jack Russell. I do have ancestors from Gloucestershire but they are on my mum's side. The Russell side of my family left England for India over 150 years ago. Before then they hailed from Jersey, London and Yorkshire.”

But there is a coincidence here, I had been thinking about posting on cricket (a wicketkeeper is a player on a cricket field) and the reason is after driving down from the cemetery I paused briefly to take some photos of the Saturday cricket at Arthur’s Creek.Here the batsman stands ready for the ball as the bowler completes his run up.

In this close up the wicketkeeper is the man with the gloves crouched well behind the batsman. His job is to not only stop missed balls but also to attempt to get the batsman “out” if he makes any of a number of errors.

In this case the batsman hit the ball. It wasn’t a great strike and he probably shouldn’t have “run” because one of the fielders had the ball while he was running and it looked like he would be “run out”(unlike baseball a batsman is not obliged to run if he hits the ball).Fortunately the fielders aim was not what it should be and he missed the "stumps"

I should probably stop there. Attempting to explain anymore will take far too long and get me in hot water with cricket fanatics (like Deb my other half). If anyone is interested in how the game works you can find a description at Wikipedia.

But before I go, one last word. I remember attempting to explain cricket to an American guest at a dinner party. Not only did he struggle with the rules but he could not get that the “pure” form of the game lasts for five days and then is more likely to end in a draw than anything else!


Lisa said...

I cannot understand cricket! And I have tried---well, sort of.

That's right, rub in how hot it's been there. It's been in the single digits Farenheit here this past week!

Simon said...

Unless you are talking about the ashes mate then England win! he he!

Al said...

Hi Lisa,
No rubbing in intended!
Hey I don't get American football.

Hi Simon,
Ah well we have to let England win occasionally, or you guys just give up!
Seriously though, last time I was in the UK was in '05 just as we lost that Ashes to you. It was a most uncomfortable experience having to put up with anyone who heard my Oz accent crow.

workinghard said...

I find your perspective interesting. Your pictures of the sunrise tells me you must be a dedicated blogger to get up that early. Enjoyed your blog. Be well

Al said...

Hi Workinghard,
Welcome to my blog.
I try to be dedicated, but it is really about fun.
Thank you and take care.